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Teaching the right way to golf!

Golf Lessons

Whether you’re a seasoned golfer looking to improve your scores and prepare to tour or
you’ve never touched a golf club in your life, our PGA Tour Golf Simulators have the
technology to allow you to succeed in the sport. Our simulators provide you with all of
the technology you could need to improve your game!


aG Flix

The system utilizes aG Flix which is a video analysis software designed by aboutGolf. Our system works with 2 cameras to film you and detail your swing. Additionally it captures videos of your moves, allows you to transfer them by email, as well as use the analysis tools to improve your skills. Another great feature is the the frame-by-frame re-reading function which allows you to efficiently dissect your swing while simultaneously utilizing the drawing and annotating tools that further enrich your



You can swing a club all day long, but if you can’t actually see what you’re doing it’s difficult to improve. Take the examination of your swing one step further by comparing your swing to your favorite pro. Compare speed, body position, and stance to professional golfers with similar form as you to get one step closer to your best game.

Meet Gary Woodside

Our Instructor


Gary Woodside

watchthevideoSwingers is pleased to announce the addition of one of Colorado’s premiere golf instructors, Gary Woodside. Gary has been a golf professional for nearly 40 years and has long been known as one of Colorado’s Elite instructors. He’s taught every skill level from beginners of all ages to PGA tour players. Gary’s students find remarkable improvement and consistency starting with the base fundamentals and progressing into feel and creativity… all with minimal yet efficient changes!

Get ready to make strides in your game you never thought possible! Play your best golf today!  

Feel free to contact me directly by phone as well: 720-329-0006

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